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People frequently ask what the band's name, "More Perfect Jones", means. The American Heritage Dictionary defines "jones" as " to have an eager or intense desire". And that's just what More Perfect Jones has; an eager and intense desire to play good bluegrass music and share the fun with the audience.  We play a mix of traditional bluegrass, modern bluegrass, Americana, and some rock tunes.  We like to call it “jamgrass”.  We respect the old songs, but we play them in our style and jam on them pretty good.

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Yorktown, VA, the members of More Perfect Jones play for the pure love of bluegrass and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with the audience. Whether your event is a party, wedding, pig pickin', fundraiser, corporate event, festival or concert, More Perfect Jones is an energetic bluegrass band that will liven up your event, set toes to tappin', and put a smile on everyone's face. Feel good music from five musicians who love playing it, leaving you "jonesin'" for more.

From Left: Paul Anderson, Greg Wilke, Shea Roebuck, Bob Smith, Ron Barnes

New CD Released, “Live At The Jewish Mother”

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